An Intro to myself

Hello, I am Rahul Katre. I am a Full-stack developer. I have developed so many websites. I have more than 3 years of experience. Most Of them are in HCBJ as frontend and PHP and MySql as backend. I have also used some frontend frameworks like react and Node as backend but they are in some small projects. I can also develop websites using Django but they are also on a small scale basically I can learn the tech stack and build the site according to the project requirement.

I am capable of building websites using CMS platforms like WordPress. I mainly prefer WordPress when there is critical CSS in any project and no need for any kind of backend.WordPress is built in PHP I can use PHP to fix bugs in plugins and themes.

If you ask me for some animations and use React I will suggest you use jquery and js library. This is what I thought when it comes to using react for the frontend. Using jquery you can easily play with HTML DOM elements. But you should write consistent code for making UI logic better. Functions and recursion will help you most while dealing with HTML DOM Manipulations.

Projects: In these 3 years of the web development journey. I have worked on these projects which are currently hosted somewhere and people are using them some of my personal projects are also here – This is social media growth platform. Here you can purchase any package for your social media accounts growth. buyer can register and purchase package. He needs to input his different social media account links and information they also need to provide some context for their social media. This thing is for buyers. They are allowed to select a fixed number of freelancers according to their package. Freelancers will have a profile where their previous works and reviews from different buyers will be shown. They can select those freelancers Each freelancer will get a notification as the buyer selects that freelancer. Buyers can change the freelancers after they are selected. Then the freelancer will accept the invitation/offer. If all of the freelancers that the buyer has selected have accepted the offer then the freelancers have to follow the process for the offer. If not accepted then there will be a duration for that offer after expiration buyer can add to other freelancers. As the offer is accepted by the freelancers. buyer will be able to see the freelancer’s performance on his dashboard. The performance will the screenshots of work they have done for him each freelancer has to upload snapshots of the work they are doing like promotions on different social media groups’ pages and stories. If the buyer will approve the screenshots then their job will be completed and he can review freelancers according to their work they can chat with each other and discuss the performance. If the freelancer has done the work that the buyer wants then the buyer will be able to mark the job as completed. Every offer will have a limited time in this duration he will be able to track the performance. after the time span job will be completed and the freelancers will not have the access to this job.

House financing suggesions: Basically accepting the options and giving solutions currently on both frontend and backend : A lead genration platfrom bothe frontend and backend.

NFT Showcase : An NFT showcase website for selling nfts currently on

Birthday Reminder: MEAE project for rening birhtday

Other personal projects are in React and Firebase check my github repo

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