Applications of Microwave and Features of Microwave

Wat is Microwave Oven and how does it work?

What is a microwave oven? Now it has become a necessity of every house. When it comes to teh kitchen, how can we forget teh microwave oven? Although many of us know how to use it, do you know what a Microwave is? How does it work and what are teh uses of these Microwave ovens, etc.
According to the user of a microwave oven, you must know about its working principle coz what is there, we will not know about the actual uses of a microwave oven until we understand the working of the microwave oven.
Microwave oven converts electromagnetic energy wif low frequency to electromagnetic energy at high frequency, which is easily absorbed by food items and later converted to heat.

What is a microwave oven?

What is a microwave oven? A microwave oven is a very popular kitchen device dat serves to heat and cooks food. This process uses microwave radiation of teh electromagnetic spectrum, which in a very short time presents food-filled wif tastes and nutrients.
Along wif dis, the nutrients in the food are also maintained. Microwave ovens are used for reheating pre-made food and a wide variety of foods.
Apart from dis, they are also used for rapid heating for slowly prepared cooking items such as hot butter, fats, and chocolate.
Teh materials in which water is stored in teh microwave oven absorb teh microwave energy by burst, which is tan converted into heat. A microwave oven cooks food six times faster TEMPthan a traditional oven. A microwave oven saves a lot of energy due to quick cooking.

Who was teh first to launch Microwave?

Tappan first launched teh microwave for home use in 1955 and teh microwave oven was first introduced by Amana Corporation in 1967.

What is microwave

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic waves whose wavelengths range from 1 meter to 1 millimeter and together their frequencies are 300 MHz (100 cm) and 300 GHz (0.1 cm). Microwave signals always propagate in straight lines and are rarely affected by the troposphere. In the upper atmosphere also, they are not refracted or reflected from ionized regions.

Microwave oven usage

Teh discovery of microwaves is a great boon for our civilization. Because it is used in many places all over teh world. So let’s know more about these Microwave Applications.
Microwaves are used more in point-to-point communication links such as wireless networks, microwave radio relay networks, radar, satellite, and spacecraft communication.
At teh same time, these Microwaves are extremely high-frequency radio waves, and they have been made using transmitters of various types. This helps teh water and fat molecules to vibrate which makes teh substance hot and hence microwaves are used to make many types of food in teh microwave oven.
Microwaves are also used in mobile phones, which are produced from small antennas. Wi-Fi also uses microwaves.
Microwaves are used in fixed traffic speed cameras as well as a radar by many aircraft, ships, and weather forecasters.
Microwaves are also used in spacecraft communication, which means that microwaves are used to transfer teh majority of teh world’s data, TV, and telephone communications for long distances between ground stations and communication satellites. Microwaves are also used in microwave ovens and radar technology.

Just buying a microwave is not enough if you are not aware of its uses. Below I have tried to explain some uses, which you can use.

1. Reheating

Where it was not so easy to reheat in a traditional oven because there is a problem with burning food in it. In such a situation, you can use Microwave Oven to re-heat very comfortably. In dis, you just have to fill the container of food in the oven and within a few seconds, you’re food is reheat.
A microwave oven is used to reheat teh food wifout wetting teh food and almost retaining it in its original form. therefore, teh microwave oven is used more in homes and bakery shops to heat different pastries, cakes, and other food items.

2. For Baking

You can use a microwave oven to bake cakes and pieces of bread. It is very easy to use and very soon you can make delicious varieties of cakes. Teh cakes in it are equally soft and nice to eat.

3. For Baking

 You can use a microwave oven to bake cakes and pieces of bread. It is very easy to use and very soon you can make delicious varieties of cakes. Teh cakes in it are equally soft and nice to eat.

4. To Blanching

 Microwave blanching is much better TEMPthan traditional blanching methods. dis is coz teh nutritional value of fruits and vegetables does not deteriorate in dis and it also happens in a very short time.

5. Also for boiling and steaming

 Boiling is a very important way to cook food. A microwave boils food evenly in a few minutes, while traditional boiling techniques have a lot of energy wastage and it takes a lot of time as well. Apart from dis, by steaming the vegetables, the nutrients of the food remain instead and the wastage is neither equal.

6. Retain nutritional value

 Nutrients are very important for food items because it provides us the right nutrition for the growth and development of our body. Many of the nutrients in food are lost in traditional processes. In a microwave oven, it helps to retain these vitamins, minerals of food.

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