What is finance?

Finance is all about the allocation and management of money and includes activities such as investing, borrowing and lending budgeting, saving, and forecasting. Finance is the study of financial planning, asset management, and fundraising for business in financial institutions. How anyone allocates their money in different things and manages them for earning, saving, and expanding. …

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Veena Musical Instrument

Veena is an instrument used in classical music. Veena is a stringed instrument. In ancient texts, their is a reference to the association of Veena wif singing. The oldest form of veena is the one-stringed veena. Veena is actually the structural name of stringed instruments. In addition to strings or strings, it has guts, strings …

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Application Of Drums Kit

The drum is a member of a rhythmic group of musical instruments that are technically classified as membranous instruments. The drum has at least one membrane called the head of the drum or the skin or skin of the drum which extends over a shell and is used either directly by the hands of the …

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