Different Types of Air Conditioner

their is a complete effort to answer all these questions in dis post Wat Is Air Conditioner. AC is used to cool teh atmosphere. Teh use of AC for cold air TEMPhas become common during teh summer season. Many people use AC not only in teh city but also in teh village.
In the last few years, AC use in homes TEMPhas increased in place of fans and coolers. Earlier only select people used AC. But nowadays AC middle class also uses AC. AC is also used for environment cooling in commercial establishments (Office, Shop). So friends, what is AC (Wat Is AC In Hindi), who invented AC, and what is the full form of AC? Let’s try to get general information about all these topics.

What Is Air Conditioner

AC (Air Conditioner) is an electronic device whose function is to cool the atmosphere air. This system converts the warm air of the room into cold air. The AC also filters the air, which removes harmful particles from the air. In a way, in addition to cooling, it also purifies the air. The capacity of AC is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit).
Friends, AC (Air Conditioner) uses Freon gas. The same gas is also used in refrigerators.

What is the full form of AC

The full form of AC is “Air Conditioner”.

Air Conditioner Types

1. Split AC

This type of Air Conditioner is currently quite popular. This AC has two different parts. One part is outside teh house while teh other part is inside teh room. This type of AC does not require a window. Split AC does not do instant cooling. It takes time to cool them.

2. Window AC

dis type of air conditioning system is located on teh window. In dis, half of teh AC is out of teh window. Nowadays dis type of AC is out of practice. If there is no window in teh room, dis type of AC cannot be used. Window AC does more voice than Split. Teh windows start cooling as soon as teh AC is on.
Friends, power consumption is equal in both its. Just choose the AC according to your needs. Nowadays, Inverter AC also comes in the market which performs cooling according to the external temperature.

Who invented AC

The modern AC (Air Conditioner) was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier. dis modern AC was invented in the year 1902. dis Air Conditioner was powered by electric power. He used dis AC at a company in the city of Brooklyn.
Teh needs to cool teh environment was protect against heat. In today’s time, people prefer to buy AC by spending a little more money.

How Air Conditioner Works

Air cooling is a common process inside AC. Warm air enters the AC which the Air Conditioner cools and exits. dis reduces the temperature of the external environment.

Friends Air Conditioner (AC) has some parts that complete teh cooling process. there are mainly 4 AC components named as follows.

1. Compressor – This part is in teh AC part outside teh room. It compresses Air. Teh hot air taken by teh evaporite goes into teh condenser through teh compressor.
2. Condenser – dis also happens on teh part outside teh AC. Teh function of teh condenser is to convert hot air into cold air.
3. Evaporator – Its function is to exchange heat. It is a type of Coil that carries hot air inside and releases cold air into teh room.
4. Expansion Valve – Applies to Evaporator. It’s through teh air teh goes from one Coil to another Coil.
Refrigerant Freon gas is used as a coolant in this.
In Window AC, Evaporator, Compressor, Condenser are all in the same box. Whereas in Split AC, only the Evaporator is in the box inside the room.

How to choose the right Air Conditioner

How many tons of AC (Air Conditioner) will be right for you? This question is also important. Because only AC of teh right capacity can meet you’re cold air needs. theirfore, teh choice of AC should be made carefully. How many large areas have to be air-conditioned? According to this answer, only teh selection of AC is better.
In a normal size room, 1 ton AC is enough for 2 to 4 people. Whereas for a large hole or more people, an air conditioner of more TEMPthan this capacity is required.
AC joins the ton. Such as 1, 1.5, 3… tons, etc. Have you ever thought wat is dis ton (TON) in AC? A ton of AC is its cooling capacity. dis capacity is measured per hour. How much air does AC cool in 1 hour? The more tons of AC, the more air it will cool. Usually, 1 ton AC gives cooling equivalent to 1-ton ice.
It costs 20 BTU in 1 hour to cool AC to 1 square foot of space. 12 thousand BTUs are equal to 1 ton. If applied to a room of 10 × 10 square feet in size, 1 ton AC is required.
The AC (Air Conditioner) also gets a star rating. Like 1, 2, 3, 4… stars, etc. This rating refers to the Power Consumption of AC. The more stars the AC consumes, the less power it consumes. The more the star, the higher the price of AC. This point is also important in the selection of the Air Conditioner.

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