Five VScode editor key shortcuts to code faster

Coding a website is require a code editor. I mainly prefer vscode to code my websites. To code faster, I use these shortcuts

1. Ctrl + /

These keys can comment out any line or selected lines. If you don’t want to write the comment syntax then this will definitely help you out.

2. ctrl + d

if you want to select the whole word then no need to use your mouse to grab that word just move your cursor to that word and press this key. it will select the whole word. it will also select two words if they are connected with ( _ ) this sign.If you keep pressing d then the other words or sentence similar to that word will also be selected

3. tab

If you want to move a syntax of a bunch of lines to the right side then you can select the line or lines and press the tab button it will work for you .

4. shift + tab

Pressing these key can shift a bunch of lines or a particular line to left side in the code editor .

5. ctrl+c / ctrl+x

This is often used in copying /cutting a word or whole page but in vs code editor you can cut or copy the whole line where the cursor is cursoring.

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