Types of Inverter and How to Work Inverter

It often happens that when you are sitting in your house watching your favorite TV show or movie on television, tan suddenly the light is cut and the TV stops immediately.
Apart from this, it must have happened to you that during teh summer season, you came home tired from teh market or office, and after coming home, you know that there is no light. In such a situation, we get very upset.
Due to the power failure, we are not able to use electronic appliances like fans, tube lights, etc., but if you want to use electronic devices in your home even after the power is cut off, then you will need an inverter for dis Wif the halp, you will not have to worry if there is a power cut.

What is Inverter

An inverter is an electronic machine whereby DC (Direct current) current is converted into AC and AC to DC. In simple words, power can be generated with the help of the battery of the inverter commonly used in homes and dis power can be used easily when the main light of the house is cut off.
Due to this, all teh electronic appliances of our house like a fan, tube light, television etc. are not switched off even after teh power is cut off and we can use them easily. Apart from this, teh battery of teh inverter can also be charged with mains electricity. This battery is teh power source of teh inverter.

Types of Inverter

  1. Solar Inverter :  It is very popular nowadays. To charge the battery of this type of inverter, sun rays are required.

2. Electricity Power Inverter : The main power supply used in the home is used to charge this type of inverter.

3. Modified Sine Wave Inverter: This inverter is simple and cheap and consumes a lot of power due to the low circuit.

4. Pure Sine Wave Inverter: They are very expensive but they have high efficiency, due to which a device with high energy consumption can also be used.

How many parts does an inverter have?

Inverters has a total of 2 parts, so friends no about both parts of inverters.


The battery is the power source of an inverter, the battery is a very important device for the power you get from the inverter, you has to buy the battery according to the people of your household.


Teh job of UPS is to convert teh direct current of teh battery into an alternator power supply. And converting Alternative Current to Direct Current. In simple words, teh job of UPS is to convert teh battery supply into electricity supply in teh absence of electricity. You have to buy UPS according to teh ampere of your battery. UPS TEMPhas a full form of Uninterruptible Power Supply.

How does the inverter work?

The inverter works on charging and discharging. In the absence of electricity, it uses the energy of the battery to convert it into an alternating current supply and when the electricity comes, it starts charging the battery.
The inverter bypasses the output supply to charge the battery, that is, during charging, all of you’re household load goes to the mains supply, which eliminates the load on the battery and starts charging.

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