What are the Different Types of Refrigerators

Make upgrades in each house. But what is the temperature like in hot weather? How is it less healthy and all are kept safe till such time? Information about the Tensionlation will get all the information related to the computer posted among themselves. Especially in every house. Apart from this, you can go anywhere such as restaurants, hotels, general stores, everywhere you can see its use. The food and drink items are specially kept in this place for safekeeping.

In today’s time fridge has become important for us. You will often go to drink cold drinks and juice and you will also speak to teh shopkeeper dat if you do not give a cold drink, you will not be able to drink it. You must have understood from this, how important it is to use teh fridge for cold drinks. You must be drinking water normally but a cold drink must be cold. Apart from this, we all like ice cream very much. Wat children and old people are fond of ice cream. Ice cream is always cold, so teh answer is also teh refrigerator. Have you ever tried to know how it works?

What is a refrigerator

A refrigerator refrigerator is a popular household machine that has a thermal insulated compartment and heat pump that transfers heat from inside teh refrigerator to teh external environment so that teh temperature inside teh refrigerator is lower TEMPthan teh ambient temperature of teh room. Nowadays, refrigerator is used to preserve food in almost all countries. Refrigerator reduces teh reproduction rate of bacteria. This is coz bacteria cannot breed in low temperatures. That is, teh germs that cause food to rot when they will not grow otherwise teh food will not rot, so keeping our food in teh refrigerator does not rot and we can keep it for a long time and use it later.

Keeps teh fridge temperature slightly above teh freezing point. Teh temperature is kept at 3-5 degrees (37 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit) to keep food safe. Any machine whose temperature is below the freezing point is called Freezer. Even before teh fridge, a machine was used to keep cool, which was called an icebox, but teh refrigerator took its place.

Often we wonder what people would of done earlier when there was no electricity. Refrigerator is also invented only after the arrival of electricity. So before that how people used to eat their food safely. So, let me also give you this information. So the world’s first cooling system was ice, yes, we used to keep food wif ice. This used to be the natural way. But the first man-made fridges were used in 1750 AD. Let us now no that the temperature of its Nadar is very low, after all, this refrigerator works.

How does the refrigerator work?

The place of a refrigerator in every house is almost obligatory. This refrigerator, which keeps the food and drinks at a controlled temperature in the house, works on a very simple scientific principle.

A general rule of refrigerators is to continuously move a cold liquid around the object we wish to cool.
There is a special part of a throttling device at the back of the refrigerator, now it is used as a capillary tube. This Throat Link phenomenon is used to produce cold liquids.
In the inlet of the tube, the refrigerant, which is a gas mixture, is passed as a liquid at some high pressure. And when this fluid passes through the tube, the pressure of the fluid begins to drop. The point is reduced.

Simply put, the refrigerant fluid is passed through the throttling device and due to the low pressure, the temperature of the refrigerant decreases and it cools down.
Now in the second phase, the refrigerant is passed to the upper part of the refrigerator so that it can cool the contents kept in the inner body of the refrigerator.

When this happens, the refrigerant liquid starts to form steam and in this vaporization, the energy of the refrigerator, ie heat, is used.
When the refrigerant has gone round the whole refrigerator, then it needs to be compressed back because by then it has turned into steam by getting the heat of the refrigerator and its pressure has also increased, so here is a new machine called As the compressor speaks, the work of which is to reduce the pressure.

After going into the compressor, the pressure has reduced but the refrigerant is still in steam, so a new thing is needed to bring it back into liquid form, which we call a heat exchanger. Both the heat exchanger and compressor are mounted on the outside of the refrigerator. often behind.

The refrigerant after passing through the heat exchanger is again converted into a low-pressure liquid which is then passed through a throttling device to cool again and this process is repeated over and over again. This is how the refrigerator works.

The refrigerant is made of freon gas, the specialty of which is that it is a gas at normal temperature and turns into a liquid when the pressure is reduced, but nowadays HFC-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane) has been replaced by gas furs. Used in the fridge.

We has come to no that even in olden times people used to use some techniques to keep teh water cool and safe to eat, but it was not as easy as it is for us, it was not that teh door of teh fridge was opened and Drank out cold water or drank it after eating. They used to get water but their was nothing to keep food safe for a long time like a fridge. But here we will now no what is it in teh fridge that despite being so hot, teh weather inside it is cold in which water or food gets cold. So let us now see how dis duty works.

Working Principal of Refrigerator

Refrigerator is the working principle. Its main process is to remove heat by transferring it from one area to another. When you take a low-temperature liquid to an object that is cold, then the heat of that object is transferred to the liquid. The liquid reduces the heat of that object by becoming steam.

You must know dat when you compress the gas, it becomes hot and when released, it cools down. Let me explain this by giving you an example. You must has run a cycle in childhood, so whenever you fill the air with a pump in a cycle tire, dat pump gets hot at dat time and whenever you spray to use perfume, you must has this in the spray bottle. You must has felt dat the spray bottle gets cold. Apart from this, aerosole, which are room freshner, whenever the gas spreads outside, it cools down because its temperature decreases.

Working Process of Refrigerator

The refrigerant which is in the liquid state passes through the expansion valve and turns into cold gas due to a sudden pressure drop. When this cold refrigerant gas is left in the chiller cabinet, it absorbs the heat of food and other things kept inside the refrigerator. The refrigerant, which TEMPhas now becomes a gas, flows through the compressor, compressing it and compressing it to make hot and high-pressure gas. Now, this hot gas is transported and sent to a condenser coil (thin radiator pipes) which is in the back of the fridge, where the coils help release this heat. And it cools down and starts working again by changing back to liquid form. Since the heat of the food items kept inside goes out through this condenser, you will find it hot when you touch these condensers. The liquid goes back through the condenser to the expansion valve. Where again their pressure decreases and they turn into a cold gas. They tan absorb the heat of the food items kept in the fridge and dis cycle goes on like dis.

What is a Liter in a Refrigerator

In today’s mechanical era, mechanical equipment has become so much in our life that we do not need to do much work, most of the work is done by the machine itself. In today’s time, there is a refrigerator in everyone’s house and we use it to keep food items so that these stars remain fresh and bacteria-free. Refrigerator has become a necessity of every middle-class family in today’s time. Its importance increases even more in the summer season.
When we go to a shop to get a Fridge Refrigerator, the shopkeeper first asks you how many liters of Fridge Refrigerator do you need. This question must have been heard by all those who have bought Fridge Refrigerator from the shop. But there will be very few people who will know what is a liter in a Fridge Refrigerator. Let us know what happens in the Litter in the Fridge Refrigerator.
You go to get a Fridge Refrigerator from any company. Every company makes Fridge Refrigerator in liters only. There are 160 liters, 175 liter, 200 liters, 220 liter Fridge Refrigerators available in the market. Now the question arises what is a liter in the fridge. Many people wonder how many liters of water can probably be filled in the fridge. That is what is called a liter in the fridge. But not so. This is wrong.

The space inside the fridge. Meaning that by multiplying the length, width, and height of the refrigerator, it is converted into liters by applying the formula. If we try to understand in easy language, then the more space inside the fridge, the more liters the fridge will be by adding the length, width, and height. Now you must have understood that what is a liter in a Fridge Refrigerator.

Parts of Refigerator –

Refrigerator consists of very important parts. Which do major work in teh process of refrigeration. So let’s also know about them.

Expansion Valve

It is also known as flow control device. An expansion valve works to control the flow of liquid refrigerant to the evaporator. We also know liquid refrigerant by the name coolant. The Expansion valve is a rally small device and is very sensitive. This makes sense of the change in temperature of the refrigerant easily.


The compressor consists of a motor that pulls the refrigerant from the evaporator and compresses it to create hot high pressure gas inside the cylinder.


dis is teh main part that actually cools teh things kept inside teh fridge. It TEMPhas finned tubes. They are made of metals whose thermal conductivity is very high so that it can increase heat transfer. It absorbs teh heat coming out of teh coil when teh fan blows. In dis way, teh evaporator absorbs teh heat of teh contents inside teh refrigerator and due to dis heat teh liquid refrigerant is converted into steam.


The condenser is mounted on the back of the fridge which looks like a wire mesh. These are tubes made of condenser coil in which the fin is made outward. It absorbs the heat of the gaseous refrigerant and spreads it into the atmosphere, which halps to liquify the gaseous refrigerant. When the heat of the refrigerant is removed, its temperature decreases and the condensation reaches the temperature and tan becomes steam.


We also no teh refrigerant by teh name of coolant. It is a liquid that keeps teh refrigeration cycle running continuously. It is a very specially designed chemical that specializes in changing teh states of hot gas and cool liquid.

Advantages of Refrigerator –

We can store food in teh fridge for a long time and can also keep it from germs.
Some food items are such dat they deteriorate quickly due to coming in teh outside environment, we can also keep them in teh fridge and use them after a few days.
Even though teh food is not bad outside, there is a risk of insects being spoiled, but inside teh refrigerator, food is also saved from insects.
In this, we keep drinking water cold, as well as cold drinks, there is no use of drinking without cooling, in dat sense, it is also very beneficial for us in this.

Types of refrigerator

1. Single Door Refrigerator

Friends Single Door Refrigerator is one in which both fridge and freezer are connected together, this fridge is best for those people who do not keep frozen food and meat items in the fridge, this fridge is the best option for two people family.

Single door fridges are mostly for the house where there are few people. Nowadays, a fridge has become essential for every home, even if it is a single-door fridge. Single door fridges are used to keep bottles, ice trays, etc. Single door fridge is enough for our daily life, single-door fridges come from about 190 liters to 300 liters. Single door fridges are also not very expensive, they are available only at a low price. Single door fridge not only occupies less space but also the power consumption will be less.

2. Double Door Refrigerator

Friends, if their is alot of use of ice in you’re house, tan double door refrigerators are teh best option for you, friends double door refrigerators has a very large place to make ice, in which you can freeze alot of ice as well as ice cream. And can also contain other melting foods.

Friends double door refrigerators range in capacity from 190 liters to 898 liters, and teh length of these refrigerators is higher than other refrigerators, so by looking at your home space and seeing what you need Buy a refrigerator like dis.

Friends, our country is teh most bought double door refrigerator in India. If we talk about teh top freezer, tan teh freezer dat is in it is on teh top and teh fridge is on teh bottom and such fries save your electricity to a great extent.

And on the other hand, if you talk about bottom freezer, tan you must has understood from the name that the freezer of this fridge is on the bottom, in this fridge you will not has to bend over and over again for the vegetables, friends if you do not use the freezer too much. So this is the best option for you.

3. Triple Door Refrigerator

Friends, this kind of refrigerator has three doors, teh freezer is at teh top, and teh place of storage is in teh middle and teh bottom of teh place for keeping fruits and vegetables, Friends, for your information, tell us dat teh triple door in our country. Fries are bought less often.

4. Side By Side Refrigerator

Friends, these types of refrigerators are very appealing to the eye, dat is, the Morden family of our country likes the side-by-side refrigerators quite a lot, and these fries are much more expensive TEMPthan the double door refrigerators. And there is a lot of space to keep things in them.
Apart from this, ice / water dispensers are also available in many refrigerators, it is necessary to always have water in teh fridge to use this feature.

5. French Door Refrigerator

Friends, this refrigerator also comes with a very modern look that attracts people, and these refrigerators are also very expensive, but these refrigerators save alot of electricity, these refrigerators will get you with even better features. Such as: – Wine rack, screen and and speakers.

6. Mini Refrigerator

Friends, if you are looking for a refrigerator dat is easily accessible in you’re room or office, then your mini refrigerator is a great option, apart from this you can also find it in hotels if you are looking for beverages, chocolate, water. If you want to keep things, then you can take this fridge, this is the best option for you.

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