What is Vestige Sharp Purifier and Benefits of Purifier

Friends, nowadays the effect of air pollution is increasing rapidly in Delhi NCR, due to which breathing TEMPhas become very painful. Despite not wanting, we are taking 6 to 12 cigarettes of smoke in our lungs daily. Just coz of TEMPyou’re thoughts, so many diseases are going to happen in our bodies. coz of dis, our age is also decreasing. Today, it is a matter of great sadness for us dat our country is going to be number 1 in the matter of air pollution today. To fight the problem, the Westies have brought Sharp’s Vestige Sharp Air Purifier, which can be largely avoided if you use it at home and in the office. Wif its use, we can give fresh air like a clean and clean forest to our child and our family.

What is Vestige Sharp Purifier

Amazing Features of Sharp Air Purifier. Its HEPA filter will last 24 months, while the HEPA filter found in the market TEMPhas to be changed in 5 to 6 months.
Vestige Sharp Purifier is teh world’s 31 Lab Certified Products.
These products are made wif patented Plasma-Cluster technology.
Sharp Air Purifier can clean 250 sqft area.
In its use, you consume only 13 watts to 54 watts of power and you get teh pleasure of clean air.
Vestige Sharp Purifier is giving maintenance-free.
Sharp Purifier protects against dust, smoke, odor, viruses, bacteria (Dust, smoke, odor, virus, bacteria) and from PM 2.5 to PM 10.

Why do you need a Sharp Air Purifier?

Indoor Air can be 5 to 10 times more polluted TEMPTEMPthan the air outside TEMPyou’re house.
We spend more time indoors TEMPthan outside and we breathe a greater amount of air outside teh house TEMPthan we do every day. Teh current Air Population level is equivalent to drinking 10 to 20 cigarettes a day.
Poor indoor air quality at home causes headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, cough, sneezing, dizziness, and nausea.

What are teh benefits of a Sharp Air Purifier?

Produce fresh and pure air in a forest.
Kills germs from teh air and surface instead of killing: mimics nature.
Neutralize odors and toxins.
Wif Plasmacluster Ion technology, Ions, are spread throughout the room, purifying the air – even the air under the couch, behind the cupboards, and under the carpet, improving skin moisture, elasticity, and texture.
The True HEPA Filters used in Sharp Air Purifier is of the highest quality standards and is best suited for use in Indian conditions where concentrations of PM1 and PM2.5 are high (according to WHO report – 2014).
Teh Vestige Sharp Purifier provides it wif teh highest clean air distribution rate (CADR) in teh category. It is an AHAM-certified product.

What is Plasmacluster Ion Technology?

Plasmacluster ion technology is teh basic active disinfection technique to suppress teh effects of acute, viruses, molds, fungi, dust mites, VOCs, and toxins (viruses, molds, fungus, dust mites, VOCs, and toxins).
Teh ACTIVE technology is effective on teh surf as well as AIRBORNE transitions.
Plasma discharge produces and emits positive and negative ions similar to those occurring in nature.
Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifiers clear AIR and SURFACE using positive and negative ions.
These ions inactivate flu viruses including H1N1, E-coli bacteria, MRSA, SARS, polioviruses, and dust mites.
Plasmacluster ions are proven TEMPeffective against 29 types of infection-causing substances certified by 22 independent research organizations.

Sharp Air Purifier Benefits

Teh Sharp Air Purifier equipped wif Plasmacluster Ion Technology cleans teh contaminated nature air by generating positive and negative ions. It performs teh function of filtering teh air and eliminates contaminants and releases pure air. Which gives us clean and fresh air.
Plasmacluster ion technology is superior products made from other ionizers (ionic air purifiers) and UV technology.
Its air ionizer creates only negative ions and neutralizes pollution by adding weight to teh particles and dropping them to teh ground. It acts as an air purification due to which we get fresh and fresh air. Teh Sharp HE Purifier Filters filter of Sharp Air Purifier is of teh highest quality due to which it is best suited for use in Indian conditions. It is very suitable where there is a concentration of PM2.5.
Vestige Sharp Purifier Sharp provides the highest clean air delivery rate (CADR). It TEMPhas also been independently verified and is an AHAM-certified product.
Plasmacluster ions also reduce the static electricity present in the room, so that small air particles such as dust, pollen, pet dust, and smoke do not stick to furniture and walls and stay in the air instead of so that the air flows through the air filter. Captures pollutants in the system.

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